• Tackling the Diabetes Crisis in the Black Population – Co-production Event
  • Date: 16th November 2021, 18:00-19:30
  • Diabetes UK, UCAN, Birmingham Public Health, Heat CIC, West Birmingham Integrated
    Care Partnership

Purpose: Are you from the black community in and around Birmingham?  Are you concerned about your risk
of diabetes, or are you living with the condition or a carer for someone who is?  Can you spare
some time on the evening of Tuesday 16th November 2021?   If so, this online event – ‘Tackling the
diabetes crisis in the black population – challenges and solutions’ is for you.

This is a joint event to co-produce our forthcoming B.H.A.M Diabetes Summit with Healthcare
Professionals and the community and discuss the challenges in diabetes prevention and
management within the Black * community in Greater Birmingham, to effect long-term change by
working with communities.

This session was led by Farhana Darwich, Diabetes UK & Dawn Carr, Associate Researcher – HEAT CIC,
Diabetes UK. The aim is to use this opportunity to share our intentions for an online Diabetes event
in 2022. We aim to gain feedback on the current draft and workshop activities. We want people with
lived experience to simply share their own views and thoughts on this topic and see if we need to
adapt our programme further accordingly.

Background: People of Black African origin are up to three times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than people of White European origin. Studies show that there is a need for more effective strategies for type 2 diabetes prevention and early treatment, tailoring them to suit individuals from different
ethnic groups and helping to benefit those most at risk, particularly in Black African communities.

This should help to improve early diabetes control, reduce the incidence of diabetes and improve

HEAT CIC is working in partnership with Diabetes UK, UCAN Birmingham to listen to people with
lived experiences and understand the challenges in diabetes prevention and management for people
who identify as black, living in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. The aim is to co-produce with
individuals and organisation’s at grassroots level about the experiences and needs of the
community, to inform our actions to improve diabetes awareness, understanding and develop a
pathway of integrated care.

The programme.

The Results.

These are the top suggestions as a result of the event;

  • We need more follow-up consultation events in black community spaces – faith groups etc.
  • The proposed event should be a ‘hybrid’ event i.e. in person with facility to join online
  • The proposed programme was too focused on health professionals and should focus on
    people with lived experience of Diabetes


To set up a focus/reference group.

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